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Performance Management

Achieve Bottom Line Results By Managing People Potential

As the saying goes, you cannot manage what you don’t measure, and managing performance entails evaluating the company’s capability of consistently delivering successful results and bottom line contributions.

At Danshaw Consulting, we use a customised and holistic approach in aligning individual, departmental and company goals through the development of objective Performance Indicators and Measures to effectively monitor the achievement of business results .

In turn, the resulting Performance Management System allows for fair and objective criteria from which to evaluate remuneration structures, development and promotion decisions.

We facilitate the development of a performance driven culture by following key principles and assisting managers to learn and create performance enhancing habits to the benefit of individual employee and the overall company.

Our Approach

  • We research and gather as much as possible information on your company’s business, culture, industry and future goals to ensure employee output serves the overall business strategy.
  • Once global company and department goals have been defined, we turn our attention to individual performance expectations and align them in respect of each goal.
  • In addition to developing and implementing a performance management system that best suits your company, we coach and train supervisors and managers how to best elicit and maintain desired team and individual performance.

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